Hyperlocal social media marketing program for small businesses

Follows & Likes are good, but understanding the story behind your customer’s data is much more valuble for small businesses. 

What is Hypelocal?

Hypelocal is a powerful social media marketing program for small businesses. We connect, streamline and monitor your online presence to optimize it for generating leads & revenue.

Imagine how much more effective your marketing strategy can be when we use your business data to selectively target the customers you want right on their favorite social media platforms.

Small businesses save BIG money by looking at the data.

Your social media advertising strategy is one of the most cost-effective ways to find new clients and engage your existing customers. It’s not enough just to use the automated promotions available from Facebook or Google Ads -you must go deeper into your data to get the best returns on your hard earned money.

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We scrutinize your web analytics to help you make informed decisions about advertising and marketing.

Our Process

During onboarding, our team works with your team to gain the necessary access to your social media properties, website, and brand assets. Our audit ensures that best practices for your business’ marketing strategy are followed and that any missing pieces of your marketing strategy are addressed.

Your marketing goals are ever-evolving. Certain months you’ll need to promote a special sale, while other months you may need to focus on increasing subscribers to your mailing list. We use this information to create the ad campaigns that will run in a month. Our package includes a monthly strategy meeting with your account manager to make sure that your campaigns are built to achieve your current goals

Our data team reviews and analysis your website analytics and other social media data points to create the highest value audience segments to achieve the best results for the monthly campaign goals
In this phase, our team creates advertising content for use in your monthly marketing campaign.  Images, videos, podcasts, virtual events… the possibilities are limitless.  If your company has an existing social media manager we work with in-coordination with them!
Unlike most of our competitors, our packages include a minimum budget for the actual advertising spend. These are the actual dollars the power your ad campaign. We can always scale this number up based on the reach and performance goals that you have for a specific campaign.
Our team generates a monthly report that shows pertinent stats about your campaign’s reach and efficacy. Using these numbers our analyst will tie together important information to be shared with you there in the next monthly strategy so that we can ensure that any lessons learned from the previous month’s campaign can be addressed and built into the next campaign.

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